Ardclough Wildlife


Ardclough lies in a rural setting with very good overall wildlife habitats and some unique areas of interest. Habitats range from significant areas of woodlands and varied grasslands to several types of wetlands and above average presence of old natural stone walls. This is a rich and diverse range of habitat in terms of bio diversity.

In addition there are many hedgerows offering shelter, nesting and food for many species of wildlife. There are also many smaller streams and watercourses which are important for other species for the same reasons.

Within the area every year, some tillage takes place and crops are sown and harvested. These activities, combined with good practices, can also be important to certain species.

As part of an overall plan, a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of gardens, big and small, to become a part of the overall wildlife habitat. This presents an opportunity for all residents to learn about , study, and in turn make a real impact on bio diversity in Ardclough.

Under the guidance of the Tidy Towns Association, work is ever on going to promote the awareness and importance of bio diversity amongst the residents of the village. Programmes are in place to help, and protect, as many species as possible. Various species lists are documented annually, and, when combined with observations, provide valuable information which can be acted upon.

The ultimate aim is to the create a village and its surrounds which is not only a sanctuary for its people but also for its bio diversity.

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