1831 Tithe Returns

Ardclough 1837 sizedLessees as recorded in Tithe Valuation of 1831:

  • John Andrews, Tandragee,
  • John Buggle Junior, Lyons Commons,
  • John Buggle Sen, Lyons Commons,
  • Pat Cavanagh. Edwardstown, Coffey, Pluckstown
  • Christopher Daly, Lyons Commons,
  • Doyle, Pluckstown,
  • James Gerrard, Skeagh.
  • Pat J Gorman. Dangan,
  • Richard Farrell. Edwardstown,
  • Thomas Healey, Ardclough,
  • Denis Henry, Ardclough,
  • James Kelly, Lyons Commons,
  • William Kirkpatrick. Lyons Commons,
  • John Langfield, Lyons Commons,
  • James Moore, Upper Commons,
  • Bridget Nolan, Edwardstown,
  • William Pidgeon, Ardclough,
  • Cornelius Rudd, Tandragee,
  • John & P Shea, Tandragee,

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