Ardclough Hall: The Story to 1986

THE OLD ARDCLOUGH HALL (from the Ardclough GAA jubilee commemorative booklet, Oct 5 1986):

Function in Ardclough Hall

Function in Ardclough Hall

SOON after the formation of the present Football Club, it was decided to build a club hall, and with great enthusiasm the members set about raising funds for the project. All labour was voluntary and as a result the area was provided with a fine hall at a cost of £700. Card drives, concerts, dances gathered most of the funds, and local school teachers Mrs Maguire and Mrs Tully did trojan work in the organising of many functions, such as plays and choirs in which their pupils were the main contributors.

In one year, from 1939 to 1940, the hall was completed and all debts were completely paid off. Further additions were made as the years went on and a few years ago a fine wall and gate was added and named in honour of the late Dan Graham, a founder member.

For years Ardclough Hall was the popular gathering place for the youth of the area and many came from surrounding areas to the dances and concerts. But with no new housing schemes being started in the district, the population gradually declined and, with the youth inclined more to seek their enjoyment in the singing pubs and ballad sessions, the popularity of Ardclough Hall began to diminish.

Supper rooms at Ardclough Hall

Supper rooms at Ardclough Hall

But a few years ago the GAA alive to the changing times and the importance of providing social amenities for its members, began to embark upon a policy of encouraging up-to date social centres. Despite the enormity of the task ahead of them, the club committee decided that if their club was to survive they, too, must be prepared to answer the challenge.

And how successful the venture was is clearly demonstrated by the fine recreational centre which is being officially opened today. This is a magnificent tribute to the footballers, hurlers and camogie players of Ardclough.


AT the Annual General Meeting held in January 1973, permission was given to the committee to push ahead with the plans to rebuild. A loan was sought and received from the Central Council. Club Chairman John Molloy, who has all through worked tirelessly, accepted the task of preparing the plans and sketches. Two months later the foundations were dug and on the following Whit Monday the first blocks were laid.

And now, three years later, the building is complete. A fully equipped Lounge Bar, Coloured Television, Pool Tables, Dart Boards and Table Tennis ensure for the members a varied choice of indoor recreation.

While the response from members in voluntarily work, fully given their time and skills to the completion of the project, was tremendous, all associated with the club will agree that Chairman John Molloy was the main guiding light behind the whole scheme, affording the committee the services of his tremendous ability in the sketching, planning and general supervision.

Manager of the Bar will be the popular former player Tommy Buggle, who will have complete charge. This well-known referee is well versed in what is needed to run such an undertaking and to ensure the smooth running of the centre he has picked a number of suitable members to train as bar members.

Ardclough are proud of their new centre and the committee are now determined to make further advances with the provision of better dressing rooms and showers.

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