Sonny O’Connor Memoir (1986)

Recollections of Paddy “Sonny” O’Connor (from the Ardclough GAA jubilee commemorative booklet, Oct 5 1986):

Team of 1930s

Team of 1930s

Ardclough is a small club, but a very successful one. When it was formed in 1936 the members were not content with only a football team; they wanted their own pitch and ground that they could build and expand as time went by. This they achieved. A dance hall was built and it proved to be a very successful venture. The football field and hall became the centre of all activity in the area. Dances were kept trouble free through good committee work and we got people attending from all over the county. So it can be said that the founders of the club did more than just start a football team; they have built a tradition which should stand to the future success of the club.

Dan Graham’s death (RIP) in 1962 was a severe blow to the club. He had been Treasurer since its formation and worked tirelessly for the future of the club. Johnny O’Grady then took over this position and I was appointed to replace Johnny as secretary. It was a job that would have proved impossible but for the invaluable help I received from many people but especially from former Chairman and now President of the club Tom Meaney. Tom was always available when a problem arose and invariably came up with the right solution.

In the ever changing world the old dance halls and ballrooms lost their appeal and became, deserted. A time for change had come. Although still a small club, we were on, of the first to meet the challenge. Chairman John Molloy drew up plans for a major extension and from it came what we know today as a thriving social centre.

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