Ardclough GAA Championship Winning Teams

Kildare Senior Football Championship Winning Team 1949:

Jim Nolan; Dick Murphy, Dan Graham, John Farrell; Christy Burke, Danny Molloy, Bury O’Connor; Dick McKenna, Phipps Cullen; Mick Conroy, Jas. Christian, Arty Burke; Jimmy Butler, Patrick Graham, Frank Gramine. Christy Barrett played in the drawn game. See pics

Leinster Intermediate Hurling Championship Winning Team 2006:

Michael Hogan; Conal O’Malley, Paul Kelly, Seán Buggle; John Coulston, Enda Duane, Richie Hoban 1-0; Colm Maguire, Colm Buggy; Tony Spain, Brian Coulston, Mikey Ryan (Joint-Captain) 0-2 (2 frees); Paul Fitzgerald, Brendan Byrne, Andrew Whelan 0-4. Subs used: Ronan O’Malley (Joint-Captain) 1-0 for Brian Coulston (inj), Ambrose Finnerty for Brendan Byrne, Noel Burke for Paul Fitzgerald.

Kildare Senior Hurling Championship Winning Teams

1968: Eamonn Power; Sean Sullivan, Colm O’Malley, Cha O’Connor; Anthony Byrne, Noel Burke, Richie Cullen; Bobby Burke 0-1, Tommy Christian 0-1; Der O’Connor 0-5, Ned Walsh, John Cummins 1-2; Michael Johnson, Mick Dwane 1-2, John Dunne. Sub: William Cullen.

1973: Paddy Christian; Colm O’Malley, Richie Cullen, Noel Burke; Tom Johnson, Tommy Christian, PJ Cully; Bobby Burke 1-2, Seamus Butler; Johnny Walsh 0-6, Ned Walsh 0-1, Mick Dwane; Olly Harrington, Tom Guinan 2-0, Micheal Johnson. Subs; Denis Dalton, Ronnie Hanks, Tom Christian.

1975: Paddy Christian; Colm O’Malley, Richie Cullen, Noel Burke; Tom Johnson, Tom Christian, Mick Dwane; Bobby Burke 0-2, Dom Maguire; John Walsh 2-9, Ned Walsh 0-4, Seamus Butler 2-0; Ger Cullen, Micheal Johnson 1-0, Tom Guinan 2-2. Subs: Billy Cullen 0-1, Liam Farrell.

1976: Paddy Christian; Colm O’Malley, Richie Cullen, Noel Burke; Tom Johnson 0-2, Tommy Christian 0-1, Ger Cullen; Bobby Burke 0-2, Seamus Butler; John Walsh 1-4, Dom Maguire, Mick Dwane; Micheal Johnson, Ned Walsh 1-2, Billy Cullen.

1979: Paddy Christian; Ollie Farrell, Richie Cullen, Bobby  Bryan; Tom Johnson, Tommy Christian, Billy Cullen; Bobby Burke 0-4, Seamus Butler; Johnny Walsh 0-4, Dom Maguire 0-1, Ger Cullen; Ned Walsh, John Redmond 0-1, Mick Dwane 1-0.

1980: Bobby Bryan; Colm O’Malley, Richie Cullen, Mick Dwane; Tom Johnson, Tommy Christian, Ger Cullen; Bobby Burke 0-1, Seamus Butler; Johnny Walsh 0-1, Dom Maguire 1-1, Noel O’Sullivan; Ned Walsh 1-4, Joe Tompkins 0-2, Ben Maguire 1-0. Sub: Eugene King 1-0.

1981: Bobby Bryan; Colm O’Malley, Richie Cullen, Ger Boland; Ger Cullen, Tommy Christian, Billy Cullen; Seamus Butler, Bobby Burke 0-1; John Walsh 0-3, Joe Tompkins, Noel Sullivan; Mick Dwane 0-1, Ned Walsh 0-6, Ben Maguire 1-0.

1982: Bobby Bryan; Dan Molloy, Richie Cullen, Tommy Christian; Ger Boland, Pat McCarthy, Billy Cullen; Tom Johnson, Denis Dalton 0-1; Noel O’Sullivan 0-1, Ned Walsh 0-1, Ger Cullen; Eugene King 0-1, Mick Dwane 1-1, Bobby  Burke 0-5.

1983: Bobby Bryan; Ger Boland, Richie Cullen, Tom Christian; Billy Cullen, Pat McCarthy, Ger Cullen; Tom Johnson, Noel O’Sullivan 0-1; John Walsh 0-6, Denis Dalton, Bobby Burke 0-1; Ned Walsh 0-1, Eugene King 0-1, Mick Behan. Sub: Aidan Byrne 1-0.

1985: Bobby Bryan; Cha O’Connor, Richie Cullen, Tommy Christian 0-1; Billy Cullen, Pat McCarthy, Eddie Carroll; Tom Johnson, Gerry Boland 0-1; Tom Griffin 0-1, Ned Walsh 0-2, Mick Behan; Mick Dwane, John Deveney 0-1, Ned Byrne 1-3.

2004: Michael Hogan, Colm Maguire, Conal O’Malley, John Coulston, Richie Hoban, Ronan O’Malley, Robbie Spain, Colm Buggy 0-3, Mikey Ryan, Tony Spain 0-3, Ken Kelly, Noel Burke 0-1, Brendan Byrne 0-1, Padraic O’Malley 1-0, Andrew Whelan 1-3. Subs: Paul Kelly for Ken Kelly, Brian Coulston 0-1 for Noel Burke, Robert Kelly for Brendan Byrne

2006: Michael Hogan; Conal O’Malley, Paul Kelly, Seán Buggle; Colm Maguire, Enda Duane, Richie Hoban; Mikey Ryan, Colm Buggy; Tony Spain 0-2, Brian Coulston 0-2, Paul Fitzgerald 0-1; Ambrose Finnerty 0-1, Brendan Byrne 1-0, Andrew Whelan 2-2. Subs: Noel Burke for Mikey Ryan, Ronan O’Malley for Ambrose Finnerty, Philip Fitzgerald 0-1 for Andrew Whelan

2 thoughts on “Ardclough GAA Championship Winning Teams

  1. mary fawcett

    hi im jimmy nolans daughter i was wondering if their are any photos of my dad .. when he played in the 1949 team or any information on him many thanks mary


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