Ardclough History

Ardclough historical distinctions include periods as site of

  • a royal seat of the Kings of Leinster (760-1003) at Lyons,
  • a monastic site (founded 605, associated with Saints Brigit and Derchairthinn), 10th century round tower and church (1350) at Oughterard, later a powerful Royal manor,
  • six medieval churches, five towerhouse/castles and a medieval moated house,
  • home in different epochs to the powerful political dynasties of Uí Dúnchada-Uí Dúnlainge/FitzDermot, Tyrrell, Aylmer, Sarsfield, Lawless and Ponsonby,
  • hotspot of revolutionary activity in 1641-2, 1798 and 1919-22,
  • burial place and reputed birthplace of brewery founder Arthur Guinness (1725–1803),
  • birthplace of artists such as writer Emily Lawless (1845–1913) and sculptress Mary Redmond (1863–1930),
  • home and burial place of aviation pioneer Tony Ryan (1936–2007), founder of Guinness Peat Aviation and Ryanair.

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