Ardclough scored 68.9pc in 2017 Tidy Towns

Ardclough score was a record 310 points (maximum points 450) in the 2017 Tidy Towns competition to finish second in their category and tenth in Kildare, behind Straffan 325; Naas 324; Maynooth 323; Kill 320; Broadford 316; Rathangan 315; Ballymore Eustace 313; Leixlip 312 and Celbridge 311. Ardclough maintained a record of having increased their score every year since first entering in 1998.

 See 2017 Ardclough Tidy towns report

Ardclough’s record in previous Tidy Towns competitions

1998: 50pc (150/300). 1999: 51.3pc (154/300), 2000: 54.7pc (164/300), 2001: 58.3pc (175/300), 2002: 60.3pc (181/300), 2003: 61pc (183/300), 2004: 61.7pc (185/300), 2005: 62.7pc (188/300), 2007: 54.8pc (219/400), 2008: 59.5pc (238/400), 2009: 62pc (248/400), 2010: 63pc (252/400), 2011: 64.8pc (259/400), 2012: 67.8pc  (271/400), 2013: 70.5pc (282/400), 2014: 64.7pc (291/450). 2015: 66.7pc (300/450), 2016: 67.8pc (305/450) 2017: 68.9pc (310/450)

The year 2017 saw gold medals for Naas, Straffan, Maynooth & Leixlip, along with silver medals for Celbridge, Kill & Newbridge. Clane & Ballymore Eustace got bronze medals.

Tidy Towns Competition 2017 Adjudicators Report

  • 81.7pc Community involvement
  • 80pc Wildlife & habitats
  • 78pc Landscaping & open spaces
  • 78pc Built environment
  • 76pc Approach roads
  • 70pc Residential streets
  • 58.9pc Tidiness & litter control
  • 34pc Waste management

81.7pc Community Involvement & Planning 49/60 Flat Ardclough is welcomed to the 2017 SuperValu Tidy Towns Competition. Thank you for your well-presented application and copy of plan for your beautiful village. This is the second visit to the village for this year’s adjudicator and once again it was a pleasure to revisit after a number of years. Ardclough Tidy Towns has an active committee under the umbrella of Ardclough Community Council. All organisations work well together to develop and enhance the village. The residents’ association do good work in maintaining and enhancing their estates. You engage well with all the relevant agencies and businesses of Ardclough and surrounding area. This communication with the wider community is through a number of ways such as social media, public meetings and parish newsletter. It seems to be working well as all organisations are rallying to the cause. The youths’ involvement have been honoured with awards for their work in the community during the 2016 Tidy Towns awards which were held in Maynooth College. Since joining the Tidy Towns competition the village has seen a marked improvement to the physical aspect of the village and its surrounds. Continuing your good work will ensure a continuation of this improvement into the future.

80pc Wildlife, Habitats and Natural Amenities 40/50 Flat Well done on the projects that you have undertaken for the competition. The village has a superb amenity in the canal and the Arthur Guinness way. Partaking in projects that the school has engaged in will help them to identify bird species local to their area, also plants that are native and non-native. It will also give them a better understanding and awareness of the importance of good management of our waterways protecting it from any source of pollution that can harm the water supply and also the wildlife that live therein. The list of birds and mammals that have been identified around Ardclough provides the children and the community with an interesting project, identifying what species that are no longer on the list and new ones that join. Their habitats and habits have then to be studied. It is good that you have the expertise within your group that can demonstrate the different species to the community. Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to other groups.

78pc Landscaping and Open Spaces 39/50 up 1 Ardclough has many fine presentations of landscaped beds. Lishhandra and Wheatfield upper has to be commended on their excellent presentation. There is superb planting in these areas that attracts birds and bees providing a nice tranquillity to the surrounds. The seating provides a place for one to sit and enjoy. There is also pleasant planting in and outside the Church. Do ensure that the grass in this area is cut more frequently thus avoiding a large amount being left which gives an untidy appearance. The landscaping on the approach roads was bright and welcoming. The area at the village centre with planting and grass uncut for wildlife is superb. The mowed paths enabled he community to ramble through. This could be developed more with further planting of fruit trees and other bee loving shrubs and plants.

78pc Built Environment and Streetscape 39/50 up 1 The GAA complex in the centre of the village is maintained to a high standard and provides a superb amenity for the village and its surrounds. The village centre is also well presented and used well by the community. The new heating system installed will add greatly to the running of the building both structurally and economically. It still contains its educational history with classes being run for the community on a regular basis. Activity here was noted on day of adjudication. The Church and grounds are also well maintained. One must not forget the village shop which is such an important part of the community and it too was busy on day of adjudication. The new modern School building provides an excellent education point for the youth of the area. The canal provides an excellent amenity in its walking way. The bridge over the canal is quiet Narrow and maybe would benefit from lanterns or bright floral containers on its parapet.

76pc Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes 38/50 up 1 The approach roads to the village with colourful planting around village signs gives a good first impression of the village and the village itself does not disappoint the visitor. The nicely trimmed verges and clean signage complements the hedging and trees along the roads. One recommendation would be to ask Kildare County Council to continue a footpath up to the bridge. There is a grass verge along that could be used as a footpath and make it somewhat safer for walkers along this stretch of road.

70pc Residential Streets & Housing Areas 35/50 Flat The houses on the approach roads and throughout the village are commended on their superb presentations. Lishandra Estate and Wheatfield upper are also to be commended on their excellent presentation. The well cared for green areas and colourful planting was admired. The resident’s associations are doing great work in maintaining and enhancing their areas with the addition of new planting each year. Well done on their work for this year’s competition

58.9pc Tidiness and Litter Control 53/90 up 1 The village generally looks neat and tidy. No weed growth along kerbs was noted. The cut grass on green area at the Church looked untidy but if cut more often as mentioned earlier this would be addressed. Your litter control plan is also working well. The planters, planted with spring bulbs could include summer flowering bulbs for summer colour? Along the canal where such a volume of walkers’ use was also tidy which was complemented by the eye catching poster. The artistic painting of the cottage looks bright and cheerful.

34pc Sustainable Waste and Resource Management 17/50 up 1 Well done on the master composting course which has provided training to two of your members that will help share the knowledge with the wider community. Have you noticed any improvement in waste reduction such as food waste? Are the community becoming more aware of ways to reduce the amount of waste been produced. Have you got the results of the survey undertaken with St Woltan’s back? The result of this survey would indicate the habits of the community and identify areas where savings could be made by the community in reducing the amount of waste being produced.

Concluding Remarks: Ardclough is a good example of a community working together to develop and enhance their village. It was a pleasure to visit the village and do continue the good work. Well done.



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