Heritage walk to Lyons church & hill August 20 2017


  • Heritage Walk: Lyons castle, church and hill

  • Time – 14:00 on Sunday next August 20
  • Assemble at gates of Lyons farm 13.50. 
  • It is a separate, marked entrance on the Kearneystown to Newcastle road on the Newcastle side of the entrances to the Cliff at Lyons and Lyons house  Gate is at N 53.30220 W 6.52959T
  • There will only be one access time to Lyons, so if people are not there then they cannot get in later, with no exceptions.

The walk, organised by Ardclough Community Council for Heritage Week, will take three hours and have two stops,  The first will be at Lyons 13th century castle, the 14th century church and graveyard   The second, for those who wish to continue the uphill hike through fields, will be at the top of Lyons Hill  Listen to an explanation of the historic and strategic importance of the iron age fort on the hill, the 8th century royal site of the kings of Leinster, and the castle, which was home to the powerful Aylmer family Lyons was an extremely important site in ancient and medieval Ireland and played an important role in major events such as the lead in to the Battle of Clontarf  The story of Lyons helped determine the locations and geography of the modern communities of Ardclough, Newcastle (originally Newcastle Lyons) and Celbridge


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