Energy Conservation

Energy  December 2013

Following our recent household survey we have already looked at water conservation and now we take a look at Energy and how it can be conserved in the household. Many people look at switching service providers to save a few percent in their bills whereas switching some habits can achieve savings in the order of 25% on your bill.

Some areas to consider are Electricity, Gas, Oil, Solid fuels and Insulation. Some things to do to maximise savings are outlined below. For example, using a single CFL bulb can amount to a saving of over €100 in its lifetime. Other examples are listed below.

1  Switch off unnecessary lights, you don’t need them.
2  Fill the kettle with only the amount of water you need.
3  Wait for a full load for your washing machine every time.
4  Take showers instead of baths and save 75% in energy
5  Switch off computers and other stand by units at night.
6  Fit spray taps in your sinks or better still, fit your plug.
7  Ensure radiators are heated only when and where required.
8  Stoves are typically 4 times more efficient than open fires.
9  Cover saucepans when cooking food to retain energy.

Once you have created energy in your household you will want to get the most from it, as it now has cost you money. Let us take a look at Insulation an some typical loss values.
Roof loss 30%, Wall loss 25%, Window loss 20%, Ventilation 15%, Floor loss 10%

The advantages and advice on insulation are well publicized . Examine your own situation to see if you can improve it. For example, ready made lagging jackets are now available for attic tanks, as is, easy to fit lagging for all exposed pipe work. On a wider scale, conservation helps to reduce pollution and Irelands fuel import bills as well as counteracting climate change.

Most of the energy loss/savings occurs in the kitchen/utility spaces. Bear in mind that appliances such as Ovens, Washing machines, Dishwashers and clothes Dryers are expensive to run so use them efficiently. When replacing any appliance always consider the energy ratings. Finally the choice is yours, if you choose to make some simple changes, then every two months you will have enough for a treat of your choice thanks to your lower energy bill.



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