Ardclough Village Centre opens

Open Day and Registrations

  • First courses took place on Tuesday 22nd October and continue until Christmas 2013
  • 10.30am — 12.30am Taking stock
  • 7pm to 9.00pm Computer for Beginners
  • 7pm to 8.15 and 8.15pm to 9.30 Yoga
  • Courses are provided in partnership with the VEC.
  • Reduced rated as indicated are available to the unemployed, OAP’s and others.
  • Former St Anne's NS in Ardclough 1950-2013

    Former St Anne’s NS in Ardclough 1950-2013Courses on Offer:

Courses on Offer
Computers for the terrified  7 Weeks  €80/€25Evening Course 7.00pm — 9.00pm

This course is designed for those that no previous experience of using computers. This is an excellent starting point. Instruction will start with introducing the most basics concepts. Participants will use the computers based at the center for the training. This is a great opportunity for those who have never used a computer to join the information age.

Healthy food made easy

6 Weeks €15

HFME is a national programme devised by the Health Promotion Unit of the Department of Health and Children, in conjunction HSE. It is a peer-led programme, the aim of which is to improve nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of people. Each session includes nutrition theory and a practical cookery element. The emphasis throughout the programme is on group learning rather than formal teaching. Many new and exciting recipes and tips for shopping on a budget, to be discovered.

Yoga 7 Weeks €60/€20Evening Course 7pm — 8.15pm

Designed for those who want Gentle Yoga and a little more. Borrowing from the healing arts of T’ai Chi, yoga and other approaches, this will bring focus and intention to class. Paying attention to deep breathing, careful stretching and mindful movement will be helpful for anyone wanting to increase body awareness and experience ease. The goal will be to enhance your ability to move, to relax and to enjoy life during the rest of the week! Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring your smiles, mat, blanket, and any other props you may need.

Taking stock 7 Weeks €20
 Day Time Course 10.30am — 1.00pm

The course is designed to give men and women of 55 years and older the opportunity to explore the concept of positive ageing in a group session over a period of eight weeks. Participants are provided with an opportunity to network and engage with other older people in their area, raise awareness of the changes that can take place for us as we grow. Opportunity are also provided to reflect on and discuss these changes,  how they might affect us on a individual basis and how they can be modified. Information on subjects relevant to us as we age is addressed.


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