Water conservation


Conservation of water

Following on from the recent survey we will look at several ways to conserve, re use, reduce waste and maximise our resources. Here we take a look at water. One of the results of our survey for example shows that only about half of households are waiting for a full load for their washing machines. Not only does this use extra water but also electricity to heat it. Some people are excellent at conserving whilst others are less so. Others still wont act much unless it knocks on their door so to speak. Well ,water charges are unfortunately on the way and will knock on everyone’s door. Lets look at some facts.

A bath uses about 136 ltrs, a shower uses about 36 ltrs.

Average washing machine on full load uses 75 ltrs. A dishwasher uses 20 ltrs.

A dripping tap wastes up to a 100 ltrs a day

A running hose uses about 18ltrs a minute.

A leaking ball cock can waste thousands of liters per week.

We use average of 280 ltrs of treated water per day. EU average is 180 ltrs

Impending charges on already hard pressed households will focus people on water use, and we will have to change our habits. Some simple points will help such as “avoid running the tap with the stopper out”. If you run hot water you pay on the double. Instead get used to filling only what you need in to a container or basin. Then when you are finished ask yourself, can I use this water for anything else like watering plants, other cleaning duties, etc before pulling the stopper and letting the water go in to the drain. Here are some extra ideas.

Use a dual flush toilet or place a litre bottle of water for example in your cistern.

When waiting for hot water, collect and re use the cold water.

Heat only what water you require and insulate stored hot water well.

In summer don’t run the tap for cold water, keep some in the fridge.

Wash your car with a bucket like they do in the American movies, where they know all about water conservation.

In our survey only 18% said they collected rainwater. This is well worth doing and was common in the past. It is relatively easy to do and can be used for watering lawns, washing cars, watering all plants and pots, hanging baskets, etc. Before, some people would only wash their hair with soft rainwater and never with tap water. There are many other steps we can take but, for now, lets get those leaks fixed or we will literally pay for them


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